Detail Studio

Detail Studio is the result of two premier detailers putting their heads together to create superior products to elevate the industry. 

TC Detail

Myron Pierce has more than 18 years of experience in the detailing industry. His passion for this industry comes from a love of cars and he takes great pride in meeting – and exceeding – the coating and paint protection needs of each client, who often return to him with their vehicles!

He prides himself on offering the best, so he continues to stay updated on new technology and procedures. This is why education and educating are so important to him. He’s received professional training and certification at Detail King in 2002 in Pennsylvania as he has also been invited back to be a trainer for the courses several times and has an additional certification and training in the protective paint coatings and advanced paint correction industry and now trains professionals in the industry in corrections and coatings certification.

Myron has had extensive training in not only paint correction and coatings, he has helped detailers in the industry scale their businesses through his one on one mentoring and coaching, he works directly with the chemists that have created Duraslic ceramic coatings and continues to stay up to date with the advancement of the auto detailing industry. He is also certified and trained in aviation and marine detailing as well.

Show shine

At Show Shine, we realize what your vehicle means to you. We understand and love cars just as much as you do. It’s more than just an investment — it’s your baby. That’s why we take pride in every single job that we do. Whether it’s an interior detail, tint job, installing a bed liner, or correcting the paint and installing a ceramic coating on your vehicle, we treat your car like it’s our own. With over 30 years in the auto industry, nobody knows vehicles better than we do.

Why do we focus so much on ceramic coating when we do so many different things? Because we’re passionate about not only protecting the vehicles, but also making sure it’s being protected with the best possible product. There are a lot of questionable products on the market, and we’ve spent the past few years making sure we’ve engineered the best one.

Hi, I’m Ryan Kirkpatrick, owner of Show Shine Detailing. I’ve been in Windsor, Colorado 27 years. My passions include lifting weights, spending time with my family, and the Dallas Cowboys. Oh, and of course — vehicles. Fast cars, lifted trucks, and jeeps that crawl over boulders; that’s what I live for, and why I do what I love.