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Glossnocity Kit


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Glossnocity ceramic coating kit offers one year protection and everything you need for proper preparation and application. This kit includes Iron Out, our new scentless formula, Glass and Panel Prep, Refresh ceramic wash for wash maintenance, and 6 microfiber towels.

Breakthrough technology in ceramic coatings. Detail Studio Ceramic coating spray, Glossnocity, is like no other ceramic coating spray out there. This is not an sio2 ceramic spray, that is so common. This is a true ceramic coating. This will last a year and can be used to add to an already ceramic coated vehicle to extend the coating or as a stand alone. Glossnocity is water based and contains no solvents. Very easy application

1 16oz bottle will easily do 5 vehicles

Panel Prep entire surface. Wet a clean microfiber towel in either the sink or a clean bucket of water. WRING OUT THOROUGHLY. Fold damp microfiber into quarters. Spray 4-5 sprays directly on the towel and apply to the surface. Wait 2 minutes and buff off with a clean microfiber to remove any additional product.
Glossnocity- A product so unique that the dictionary does not have a name for it

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