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Tar Buster

Tar Buster is an excellent, non-flammable compound that quickly removes  tar splatter that has blackened the lower panels and undercarriage of your vehicle.  All you need is a bottle of this product and a towel, and you’re good to go!
Features & Details:
• Take time and energy out of cleaning off the tar.  Tar Buster breaks down tar and grime with haste, capable of dissolving nasty and sticky deposits that harm paint.  Many tar products are combined with bug cleaners that can be ineffective.  The Tar Remover is specifically designed for disposing of tar stains and is simple to use.
• Essential for white and light-colored vehicles.  Tar is an enemy to any vehicle, but it’s most visible on those with light and bright colored paint.  While black and dark vehicles can hide minor stains.
• Prep your vehicle for further detailing.  You can’t polish, wax, or seal your car with tar peppered all over your paint.  Make certain your vehicle is free of tar stains by using Tar Buster before continuing the detail process.
For Best Results:
• Wash and dry your vehicle before applying Tar Buster.  Remember, the sooner you take care of tar stains, the easier they will be to remove.
• Rub the product onto the tar-covered surface and wipe until clean.  Heavier stains may take multiple applications.






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